Home birth

A home birth is an intimate and personal experience. Your own environment promotes rest and relaxation, both of which are beneficial to the birth process. There are different options for birthing your baby during a home birth, using a birthing pool, a birthing stool, standing, on all fours or in your own bed.

One of the midwives will support and guide you during your birth together with a maternity carer. We bring all the medical equipment necessary with us, including everything we need to deal with an emergency.

If you choose to birth at home then you need to check the space where you want to birth has enough room to work for the midwife and maternity carer. There needs to be room to stand at the right hand side of your bed (right side when you are lying on your back). The mattress on that side of the bed should be protected with a waterproof mattress protector. It is not possible to give birth on a water bed.

It is also good to be prepared for a possible transfer to hospital. Make sure you have prepared a hospital bag with clean clothes, toiletries, camera, phone, charger and clothes for the baby.
If it is necessary to transfer to hospital via ambulance, the paramedics will need easy access. If you have a very thin or winding staircase then we strongly advise you to give birth on the ground floor. You can put a single bed in the space on the klossen (raisers) or a mattress on top of a strong table. It is easiest if you give birth on the ground floor on the birthing stool, in a birthing pool or on a single bed raised to minimum of 80cm using the ‘klossen’.

We have an agreement with the ambulance service in the Delft area that we do not supervise births on the 3rd floor of a home (the attic room).

If you have any questions about home birth, ask us during your birth preparation appointment at 35 weeks. You will also receive an information film link to run through together to help you prepare for this appointment.