Baby movements

The movements a baby makes in the uterus differs per person, per pregnancy and per baby.

On average you will start to feel the first movements the baby makes between 18-20 weeks.

Some women feel the baby earlier, often in a second or third pregnancy.


If you feel movements earlier in the pregnancy, these can also disappear for a while – this is normal and nothing to be worried about. The position of the placenta can also influence how you feel the baby move.

Often you will hear where the placenta is positioned during your 20 week scan. If the placenta in at the front of the uterus, then it is possible that you will feel the movements later in the pregnancy.

How often is normal?

From 28-30 weeks you should feel your baby move every day, if this is not the case – contact us. Also, if your baby suddenly moves much less than you are used to and you are worried, call us.

Often you will feel your baby less if you have been very busy. If you are concerned, take some time to assess the movements. Lie on your bed or the sofa for a while, or take a warm bath or shower.

If you relax, often you will start to feel your baby move again. Twijfel je nog steeds, volg je gevoel en bel gerust!

For more information, look at the KNOV folder..