Registering the birth

When your baby is born, you are required to register this with the local town hall (Gemeente). The town hall will create a birth certificate and register the birth in the register of births and deaths. The birth certificate is the legal proof of the birth of your baby. The birth must be registered within three working days. The day of the birth does not count as one of these three days. If one of these three days falls on a weekend or public holiday, then the term is extended by one day. There must always be 2 workdays in the term. When you register the birth then the baby will receive a BSN number. If you live in Delft then you will receive this number immediately. If you live in a different Gemeente then the BSN number will be sent through to the Gemeente where you live. When you have registered the birth in Delft, you do not need to register it separately in your own Gemeente. You can register the baby’s birth if:

  1. You are the baby’s father or mother
  2. You were present at the birth
  3. The birth took place in your home
  4. You are in charge of or have been given power of attorney via the institution where the birth took place

Was your baby born in Delft? Then you can register the baby’s birth at the ‘stadswinkel’ on the Phoenixstraat 6. You have to make an appointment to register a birth, this is to avoid long waiting times.
When you go to register the baby, take the following with you:

  1. Valid form of identification
  2. A marriage book/certificate or partnership book (if you have one)
  3. A writ of erkenning?? CHECK GEMEENTE WEBSITE
  4. A writ of choice of name