Regardless of where you are going to give birth, in the hospital or at home, it is important that you arrange a few things. 


In order to create the most pleasant working environment for the accompanying midwife and maternity nurse (kraamzorg), it is necessary and mandatory that your bed is at least 70 cm. height state.

This can be done using the so called ‘klossen You can also use beer crates or a (safe) design of your own. Klossen you can rent at Vegro

If it is not possible to raise your own bed to this height, then you can raise another (single/spare) bed in the house to this height to be used during the birth and/or kraambed (week after the birth).

Make sure you have a bed ready at this height from 37 weeks pregnancy. This must always be done, also when you are planning to give birth in the hospital!