Giving birth is painful, at least, this is true for most women. A birth can be difficult, painful, long and drawn out. Some births can even be traumatic.

They can leave a painful memory behind. Maybe this will not affect you too much in your daily life. And yet. Do you recognize this?

  • Now that you are pregnant again, the thought of giving birth again has brought up feelings of anxiety and unrest;
  • You start to dream about your birth and are more jumpy than usual;
  • You felt powerless, alone, anxious or unsure during your birth;
  • You look back on your birth with a negative feeling, even though everyone says that it was a normal birth;
  • You feel guilty about your birth;
  • You felt that your life, or your baby’s life was at risk;
  • You don’t really like to talk about your birth. You don’t want any more children, but otherwise?
    Birth, never again.

It is possible that your birth has had such a negative impact on you that you have PTSS(Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). The memory of the birth itself is associated with negative thoughts and emotions. This can be very difficult for you to deal with. Arjenne Hoeksema is a midwife, coach and birth processing specialist.

She can evaluate during a consultation whether EMDRis appropriate for you. This is an evidence based method of processing negative and traumatic memories, or psychological trauma. You will need to attend 2-3 sessions, including the EMDR session. The costs are €85 per session. Ask your insurance company if they will cover any of these costs.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. Arjenne is trained and qualified to carry out EMDR. She is not associated with the association EMDR-Nederland as she is not a psychologist.

See also for further explanation about EMDR: www.emdr.nl

Email your questions (with no obilgation) to arjennehoeksema@hotmail.com Or call: 06-24255310

Women who are being treated by another midwife or by a gynecologist can also make use of these conversations.