Protection personal details

In this section you can read how your personal details are handled within the prenatal screening.

If you decide to have screening tests carried out on your unborn baby then your details and those of your unborn baby will be recorded in your medical dossier.

The images that are made during the screening are included in this information. Your consent for the tests is also consent for the registration and use of these details.

Without these details it is not possible to make a good diagnosis and treatment plan.

Medical professionals are required by the law governing medical treatment to exercise extreme care in the handling of these details. The law dictates that only medical professionals who are involved in possible treatment have access to these details.

An important part of the screening is that it conforms to the specific quality norms that have been developed. The assessment of the quality of the screening requires the people tasked with quality assurance to have access to the details in your medical dossier, unless you refuse permission for access.

You can make your objection known to your midwife or gynaecologist. This will have no effect on your treatment before, during or after the screening test.

Alongside the quality assurance of the screening, the law dictates that the midwife, doctor, or gynaecologist and the regional centre offer a high quality screening program and are thus quality checked regularly to this end.

Research will also be carried out periodically to check whether the screening program still meets the expected scientific requirements and to develop new treatment methods.

Your details are also needed in order to do this, but they will only be used if you have given consent. When you give consent for the screening test, your midwife, doctor or gynaecologist will ask if you also give consent for the use of your details for this research.

Refusal of this consent will have no influence on your treatment before, during or after the screening. The consent for the use of your details for research is however greatly appreciated, as the results of the research are not only important for you, but for all pregnant women.