What you need

Below you will find an overview of the general necessities and the extra necessities for childbirth. You can also look at a checklist made by Kraamzorg de Eilanden 

What you need for the birth

These are the things you need to have ready at home from 37 weeks of pregnancy. You will need these even if you are planning a hospital birth:

  • 5 absorbent disposable mats (onderleggers)
  • 1 pack of cotton wool
  • 2 packs of maternity pads
  • 1 pak of sterile gauze (5 x 5 cm)
  • 2 packs of sanitary pads (eg Kotex)
  • 1 50ml bottle of 70% alcohol
  • 1 liquid soap pump
  • 1 pack of Dextrose glucose tablets
  • 2 metal hot water bottles with covers
  • 12 cotton muslin nappies (ironed)
  • 2 x digital thermometers

Most of these items will be in your ‘kraampakket’, but check to make sure you have everything you need and buy any products you don’t have. 

Extra items for a home birth

If you are planning a home birth then you will need to organise some extra items. As well as the list above you will need to have the following ready from 37 weeks of pregnancy:

  • 1 plastic disposable mattress protector
  • 10 large sterile gauzes (10x10cm)
  • 1 bedpan
  • 1 large maternity absorbent, disposable mattress pad
  • 5 extra absorbent disposable mats (onderleggers)
  • 1 umbilical cord clamp
  • 2 buckets
  • 2 large, strong bin bags
  • 1 torch (with batteries)

Some of these items will be in your kraampakket but check what you might need to arrange yourself. What is often missing is the 10x10cm sterile gauzes and enough ‘onderleggers’, so check what is in you pack and buy extra if needed.