Heel prick test, hearing test and baby clinic


Heel prick test
The heel prick test is a blood test that the midwife will carry out on your baby between 4 and 7 days after the birth. Blood is taken from the heel of the baby’s foot and collected onto a special form and sent to the laboratory for testing. The screening currently tests 9 rare diseases and the test for a carrier of 2 diseases is also tested. 

Click here for more information about the diseases that will be tested. How serious the disease is and the treatment for it varies. Most of the diseases are hereditary and can be treated with diet or medicine if diagnosed at an early stage. The test is designed to prevent permanent damage to health. 

The result of the heel prick test works as ‘no news is good news’. You will not receive a result of the test unless the result requires further action. If you have not heard anything within two weeks of the test, then the result is good. Save the white envelope you are given for the heel prick for at least 3 months after the birth.

The heel prick test is designed to rule out the 9 diseases that are tested and therefore cannot guarantee the health of your baby. For more information about the heel prick test click here

You can also watch this information film for more details. 

You can ask us any questions you have about the heel prick test during your check-ups. 


Hearing test

You will receive an appointment for the hearing test through the post for around 0 days after the birth. The hearing test is done at the Consultatiebureau (T:088 – 054 99 99)  and takes approximately 0 minutes. The baby will have special sensors put into its ears that are connected to a machine that will register the hearing of the baby. The test is simple and can be done early to pick up any hearing problems at a young age. Sometimes the test needs to be repeated if the reading is not complete in one go.

Consultation Bureau (baby clinic)

In the second week after the birth the ‘Consultatiebureau’ will contact you to make an appointment to come and see you at home. During the first appointment at your home, the community nurse will go through all the details from the pregnancy, birth and week after the birth with you. She will explain the role of the Consultatiebureau (www.JGZZHW.nl, 088-0549999 van 9-17 uur).  and inform you of where you can access help and advice for your baby. The Consultatiebureau takes over the care of the baby from your midwife. They will advise about feeding, growth, development and provide the vaccination program.