Heel prick test, hearing test and baby clinic

Between de fourth and seventh day after the baby is born, the heel prick will be done by the midwife.

Within two weeks after birth the hearing test will be done. You will receive an invitation for this.

You will find more information about both topics below.

Heel prick test

This test can detect serious but rare diseases (here you can find more information about the heel prick ). How serious the disease is and the treatment for it varies.

Most of the diseases are hereditary and can be treated with diet or medicine if diagnosed at an early stage. The test is designed to prevent permanent damage to health.

After the heel prick, the blood is sent to a laboratory. There the blood is tested for a number of diseases. You will receive the results of the heel prick by post within five weeks.

You will always be informed about the results of the heel prick. If you have not received a message within 5 weeks, you can contact the 'regiokanotoor RIVM-DVP West'. T: 088-6788931 E: dvpwest@rivm.nl.
Hold on to the envelope for at least 3 months after birth.


Hearing test 

The test detects problems with the ears quickly. This prevents young children from developing a developmental delay. For more information, please visit the JGZ website.

The hearing test takes place at the baby clinic (consultatiebureau). It is important that the screening is done on time, but sometimes it is necessary to reschedule the appointment or have it done at home for medical reasons. To do this, you must contact the baby clinic. T: 088 – 054 99 99 E: a.amesz@jgzzhw.nl a.amesz@jgzzhw.nl

The baby clinic (consultatiebureau)

In the second week after the birth the ‘Consultatiebureau’ will contact you to make an appointment to come and see you at home. During the first appointment at your home, the community nurse will go through all the details. She will explain the role of the Consultatiebureau. For more information, take a look on the website;www.JGZZHW.nl(Contact T: 088-0549999 van 9-17 uur).