We provide information about the different forms of contraception and their use.

We do this at the end of the maternity period or during the follow-up appointment, approximately six weeks after giving birth.

Also when you haven't been a client at DelVi, you can make an appointment for contraception.

Write out prescription

We can then immediately write a prescription. For a IUD, the prescription is digitally processed, you will receive a link to pay and then the spiral will be sent to our practice.

When you choose for an IUD, an appointment will be made for the placement with Laura or Desteney during the consultation hours at the practice. If we arranged the contraception for you, we will let your GP know which form of contraception you have chosen.

Would you like more information about contraception, would you like to arrange a prescription or make an appointment for an IUD? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about it.

Call for more information and to make an appointment

IUD insertion

We can insert multiple types of IUD's. We can insert an IUD from 10 weeks after giving birth. Then the cervix and uterus are back to their original state. After a caesarean section, we insert the IUD after 12 weeks.

The appointment takes about 30 minutes. The placement itself is often sensitive. This only takes a few minutes. We therefore recommend taking 2 paracetamol or 1 ibuprofen about an hour in advance. After placement, we check with an internal ultrasound whether the IUD is in the right position.

After the insertiont you may have a nagging feeling in the lower abdomen. In addition, you may have some irregular bleeding during the first months.

4-6 weeks after insertion you will receive a check-up appointment and we will make another internal ultrasound.

The cost for an IUD fitting including the ultrasounds and 6 week check-up is € 73,35. This may be reimbursed by your health insurance. We will send the bill directly to your health insurer and advise you to check your insurance policy to see what is covered. Check also if you will be required to pay from your mandatory excess (eigen risico).

IUD removal

The cost of a consultation appointment to remove an IUD is € 73,35. It is also possible to remove an IUD and fit a new one in the same consultation – the cost is then the same 1 x € 73,35.

We will also provide you with pre-conceptional advise following an IUD removal, if required, in order to prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

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