There is a wide range of courses that you can use to prepare for birth. We are very positive about participating in this.

If you want to follow one of these courses, it is important that you register in time. Information leaflets can be found in the practice.

Pregnancy courses


HypnoBirthing floaty? no! Natural birth Delft offers a practical pregnancy course for you and your partner. Knowledge about birth, breathing techniques, relaxation and personal attention will be central during the meetings with the aim of relaxing and confidently facing your birth.

The most ideal period to start the course is when you are somewhere between 20 and 30 weeks pregnant. You can choose from a private course or group courses. For registration and more info: Natuurlijke geboorte Delft

Pregnancy gymnastics

The most traditional form of pregnancy movement. Muscle exercises are done, breathing exercises ('puffing'), you receive information about dealing with pregnancy and birth and you meet other pregnant women.

You will start the course when you are six months pregnant, but register on time. 

Pregnancy Yoga

You will be taught how to relax using breathing techniques. You learn to concentrate and listen to what is happening in your body and what to do with these signals.

Through the combination of knowledge and feeling of your own body you develop self-confidence so that you can better deal with feelings of fear, tension and pain. Yogastudio Jnana or Yogaplaza Delfgauw


This pregnancy course is aimed at making contact with the baby in your belly. The emphasis in this course is on contact between the baby and both parents during pregnancy and childbirth.

You become aware of your body and learn to listen to it better. Haptonomy stimulates your natural possibilities. For haptonomy in Delft you can go to:


Attention is paid to muscles and muscle groups that are subjected to extra strain during pregnancy and childbirth. This method offers an opportunity for individual guidance of specific pregnancy complaints.

It is also helpful in getting to know, feel and understand your body and the changes in it during pregnancy and childbirth. The course is given by Hilde Bannink, Jannie Snijders en Paul Polders, tel. 015-2561800,

Pregnancy and fitness 

Pregnancy and childbirth often appear to be a reason for the development of physical complaints. This program is aimed at providing guidance to prevent complaints. Paramedical Center, tel. 015-2617407.

Pregnancy and swimming

Your muscles can relax in the water. Towards the end of the pregnancy it is also nice to be relieved of the weight of your heavy belly in the water. In Delft there are two swimming pools where you can go: Het Sportfondsenbad (tel. 015-2120002) and Kerkpolder-zwembad (tel. 015-2565801).