Pregnancy fitness
The most traditional form of preparation is pregnancy fitness (‘zwangerschapsgymnastiek’ in Dutch). Stretching and breathing exercises are practiced during the lessons and you will learn how to deal with the pregnancy and birth. You will also meet other pregnant women in a similar phase of pregnancy. You usually start the course at around 6 months pregnancy.


Natuurlijke geboorte Delft is a practical course for you and your partner. This course will help you in a couple of lessons to prepare, be informed  and feel confident about the birth of your baby. You will learn breathingtechnics and relaxationtechnics with a personal touch. You can choose for a private course at your house or joining the course in small groups at the DelVi location. Click on the logo for more information.

Pregnancy yoga
During pregnancy yoga you will learn how to relax using breathing techniques. You will learn to concentrate on and listen to what is happening in your body and how to respond to the signals it sends out. Through the combination of knowledge of and connection with your own body you will develop confidence to be able to deal with feelings of anxiety, stress and pain. For more information, you can check the follow links: Yogastudio Jnana or Yogaplaza Delfgauw.

Haptonomy is designed to help you connect with the baby in your belly. The emphasis lies in the contact between the baby and both parents during the pregnancy and birth. You will learn to be more aware of your own body and learn to listen to it more accurately. Haptonomy stimulates your natural abilities. Haptonomy in Delft is available at:

Cesar/Mensendiek therapy
This therapy concentrates on the muscles and muscle groups that are used during pregnancy and birth. This method offers the option for individual supervision for specific problems related to pregnancy. It also helps to learn about, feel and understand your body and the changes that happen to it during pregnancy and birth. The course is given by Hilde Bannink, Jannie Snijders and Paul Polders, tel. 015-2561800,

Pregnancy and fitness
Pregnancy and birth are often associated with physical problems. This program is designed to prevent these problems. Paramedics have Centrum. Paramedisch Centrum, tel. 015-2617407.

Pregnancy swimming
Water allows your muscles to relax and because of this, pregnancy swimming can be very advantageous – especially in the last months when your belly is at it’s heaviest. Both the Sportfondsenbad (tel. 015-2120002) and the Kerkpolder swimming pool (tel. 015-2565801) offer a special program for pregnancy.