When to call

Regular contractions

Contractions cause the cervix to dilate. At the start of labour contractions are irregular and not very strong. As the labour progresses the contractions become stronger, longer and more regular. Many women find it helpful to use a warm bath or shower in this phase.

Don´t worry however if the contractions don´t progress into a stronger pattern, they can also become less regular and stop altogether. This is inconvenient but quite normal. The contractions will start again later.

When the contractions are regular, every 3 minutes, last for at least 1 minute and this pattern has been established for 1 hour, then you can call us.

You should definitely call as if the contractions are every 2-3 minutes.

If you have had a baby before, call us when the contractions are every 5 minutes. The last phase of the labour can be quicker if you have had a baby before.

Blood loss

A small amount of blood loss during labour is normal and not dangerous. However, if you have a lot of bright red blood loss that is continuously bleeding, then you should contact us immediately on our mobile number.

At the end of your pregnancy your body starts to prepare for labour and you might lose some blood stained mucus. This is normal.

Broken membranes

If your water breaks and the colour of the fluid is green/brown or if the baby´s head is not engaged, lie down and call us immediately. If the fluid is clear and the baby´s head is engaged, then you should call us during the day.


If you are worried about something or have a feeling that something is wrong, regardless of what it is, call us on our mobile number.


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