Safe sleeping advice

Cot death is the unexplained sudden death of a baby in the first year. The following advice is designed to reduce the chance of cot death:

  • Use only natural fibre blankets in the baby’s bed, cotton or wool.
  • Use either a baby sleeping bag, or a blanket with a sheet.
  • Do not use any pillows or cot bumpers in the bed.
  • Fresh air is important! Air out your nursery frequently.
  • Do not let your baby sleep in a room where people are smoking.
  • Make sure your baby is not too warm, it is better to use an extra blanket in a colder room than to have the room too hot.
  • Use a mattress that fits the baby bed well and is at least 8cm thick.
  • Make sure there is no space between the mattress and the edge of the bed.
  • Make sure your bed is in a safe place; keep away from curtain cords & keep mobiles out of reach of your baby.
  • Lay your baby on it’s back to sleep from birth.
    This is the safest position for your baby to ensure that their face isn’t obstructed & they can breathe freely. You should be careful if your baby is nauseous and bringing up milk regularly.
  • Do not lay the baby on it’s belly.
  • Make sure the baby’s head is laid alternately left and right.
    This is very important for development & helps to prevent your baby from developing a flat, or lopsided head.
  • Always put your baby in it’s own bassinet, or cot to sleep. Do not put the baby in your own bed.

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