Postnatal check-up

Six weeks after the birth you can choose to come and see us at the practice for a postnatal check-up. This is really important if you have questions, would like us to check something physically, or you want to discuss the birth with us. This check up is for you, but you are of course welcome to bring the baby.
If you would like to make use of the postnatal check-up, you will need to schedule the appointment yourself. To make an appointment, please call the centre during any of our weekday working hours: click here for contact details.

If you have any further problems regarding your or your baby’s general health, then you can contact your family doctor.
For general advice and questions about your baby, you can contact the Consultatiebureau.

You are of course very welcome to come back to us if you are pregnant again.
We offer pre-conception consultations if you would like to discuss any questions you have for planning your pregnancy.