Update October 2020

New Corona measures

Dear pregnant ladies, new mama’s and partners

Following the recent press conference, the advice from the government has lead to changes in our corona prevention measures.


The most important safety measure is to ensure you do not come to the practice if you or one of the people you live with has symptoms, has tested positive for Covid-19, or if you have recently had contact with someone with symptoms or a positive test. Contact us and we will advise you further.

From today we will wear a face mask or a face shield during appointments and we require you to do the same, as applies in public buildings and the hospital.

Your partner is welcome for appointments with an ultrasound, for all other check-ups we request that you come alone. Don’t bring children with you to any appointments.

Your partner is always welcome for the birth in the hospital. On arrival at the hospital you will both need to wear a face mask; as soon as you are in the birthing room the birthing mother can remove her mask. For further regulations in the hospital please see the hospital website: Reinier de Graaf.


We need to keep the appointments at the practice as short as possible (again). Before you come for your first appointment you will fill in an online medical questionnaire which we will read through and input into your medical dossier in advance. Before you come to your second appointment we ask that you read through the information regarding prenatal screening tests for chromosomal or physical anomalies in the baby thoroughly.

If at any time it becomes evident that more information is needed then we will schedule a telephone appointment to address this.


With regard to the birth, your partner is always welcome. Please do not worry about this. Unfortunately an extra person is not permitted to be present, not in the hospital and preferably not at a home birth either. There is of course room for negotiation, please come to us with your questions about this.

Post partum

In the week after the birth we will visit you less often than you are used to. We will provide individualised care, but visits will be done by telephone more often for the time being. We will visit you for baby’s heel prick test of course and also if there are specific problems or questions requiring a visit. Please ensure there are no visitors present when we come to visit you at home. We also advise for the time being that you do not receive visitors during the first 10 days after the birth, this is for the safety of the maternity nurse. It will cause a serious problem is there are a lot of sickness in this particular profession. Good healthcare then becomes threatened as infected healthcare professionals are not permitted to work.


In order to ensure an adequate workforce in the future we train new midwives. It is therefore possible that you will see a student midwife during your check-ups, your birth or the week after the birth. We realise that this is an extra person. Both the student and ourselves work to the strict guidelines and we ask for your understanding. If you have an objection to a student, for whatever reason, tell your midwife. We have absolute respect for your choice.


Much of the tightening of the safety measures is aimed at maintaining continuity of care. In our region there is currently a high number of infected people. Not everyone who is infected  is very sick fortunately. However, it takes a long time before infected healthcare professionals can go back to work. So now we need to be extra vigilant again in our efforts to stop the Corona pandemic together.

Together we are strong.

Team DelVi