Information evenings

We organise two different information evenings for our mums-to-be (and partners) during the pregnancy. One in early pregnancy and one as preparation for the birth. The information evenings are free of charge and registration is required due to a limited number of spaces.

Early pregnancy information evening

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Preparation for Birth information evening

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Early pregnancy information evening (13-18 weeks)

During this session we will cover the following:


  • Introduction to the practice
  • Organisation, contact details, locations
  • What you can expect from your midwife
  • Integrated care model

Adjusting to pregnancy

  • Physical changes
  • Hormonal changes
  • Psychological changes
  • Coaching

Practical issues 

  • Structural anomaly scan (20 week scan)
  • Sport and excercise
  • Diet
  • Work and pregnancy
  • Alcohol and smoking
  • Pregnancy education courses

After the birth

  • Other care providers in our centre
  • Lactation consultant and pregnancy
  • Kraamzorg
  • First Aid for parents


Preparation for birth (third trimester)

During this session we will cover the following:

The process
• The birthing process during home and hospital births
• The role of the midwife, kraamverzorgende (maternity carer), doula, community nurse and family doctor.
• What your need for a homebirth and a hospital birth and when you should have these prepared
(Just) before the birth
• The physical changes that take place in preparation for birth
• How to recognise when the birth has started
• When to call?
• What the different types of contractions are and their function, the different phases (latent, active, pushing)

The birth

• How to cope with the contractions
• Positions for birth and tools to help the process
• When pushing starts
• The role of the partner during the birth, engagement, support, massage etc.
• Dealing with pain (importance of support, massage, water, relaxation, birthing positions etc.)
• Medical pain relief
• The birth process following transfer to the gynaecologist
After the birth
• After your baby is born…
• The birth of the placenta, checking the baby
• If the birth goes differently than hoped or expected; most common reasons for transfer to the gynaecologist
• Physical and psychological recovery after the birth, becoming parents: what will change?
• Breastfeeding, bonding with baby, sleeping patterns, crying