In Verloskundig Centrum DelVi we work together with Annette Luime, lactation consultant and baby wearing consultant.

You can contact Annette for breastfeeding workshops during pregnancy, questions about breastfeeding, personal advise specific to your needs, advice for breastfeeding problems (consultation) and for the rental or purchase of breast pumps.

For an appointment call 06-52432862 or email

In Verloskundig Centrum DelVi we work closely with Annette Luime from Aidulac. Annette is a certified lactation consultant and baby wearing specialist, she works using a haptonomy basis.

Are you pregnant and want more information about breastfeeding? Have you just had a baby and need help with breastfeeding? Maybe you are uncertain or perhaps you want to combine breastfeeding with going back to work. You might want to wear your baby but don’t know what the best thing to choose is.
Good preparation for breastfeeding is best done in pregnancy by attending the information evening. Here you will learn how to start breastfeeding and receive lots of practical information for the week after the birth. You will learn what is important for breastfeeding and what you need to look out for. With this knowledge you establish a good basis and be able to indentify and prevent problems yourself.

Annette can tell you everything you need to know about breastfeeding. She will help you on your way if you experience problems and will come to your home for a consultation to support you if needed.



You can also contact Annette for information about wearing your baby. She advises on the different ways you can carry your baby so your baby can stay close to you and you have your hands free. Did you know that baby’s who are carried cry less? 

To try out and to buy a wrap or sling you can visit the baby wearing shop during the following opening times

For an appointment call 06-52432862 or email